my mission statement

there are two missions i have in life: to learn a lot and to love a lot.

beyond these basic guidelines, my goals and my dreams seem to shoot out from me like fireworks. they're beautiful and powerful and delicate, but they're also kind of unpredictable and headed in many directions. i like to collect possibilities. i spend a lot of time researching, considering, and planning for opportunities i may not ever take. this is a double-edged sword in the sense that i'm constantly having fomo about my own future, but i am also prepared enough to say yes when something feels right. so, my point here, is that this blog is part of that collection. it's about sharing things both inside and outside of me, things that i live and things that i only dream of, and it will probably be all over the place.

i listened to a ted talk once that says, "stop having an identity crisis and get some identity capital". this phrase is my north star. it inspires me to learn--to actively seek knowledge about things i'm interested in and things that might come in handy later, to make connections between myself and my schoolwork, and to push the edges of my comfort zone by embracing new things and new places. it inspires me to love--to listen to others, to open my heart and my mind to things that challenge me, and to dare to be vulnerable and to invest my love in people and places i might not be able to keep. i hope this makes me wise and cultured and intelligent. i hope this keeps me soft, i hope it prepares me for what's next, and i hope it helps me open a lot of doors.

so, here we are. this blog is intended to be a record of living and learning. there's no theme or structure, but i want to use it to share my education in humanity.

it's called heart distance because it's about the space between us. not the miles or the inches, but the space between our hearts. this blog is about crossing that distance.

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Shaylee Wilcox said...

this blog is wonderful. i reeeeeeeeealllly like it. teach me how to write like you? :)