today, in the middle of a crazy shift at work, i got to take a turn sitting outside and waiting for customers to pick up their orders.
it was 7 o'clock and the sun was up but it hadn't broken over the mountain yet. it kept inching up, lighting the hill and making the trees look like they were glowing from the inside out. the mountains had that fuzzy yellow quality to them, and it was warm. and i just sat, and thought, and cherished the beauty.
i watched people walk by and i said hello to them from behind our makeshift desk constructed of a metal cart and two very large navy tablecloths. & there were a lot of couples, and they were in love, the real kind that leads to rings on fingers. and the sun made her green dress bright, and he kissed her, and then she went to work.
the sun came up over the mountain, and i ignored the buzz of thousands of efy kids behind me, and i enjoyed my 30 minutes of peace.

today, i came home to a letter addressed to hannah "sundrop" kroes,
but i still got discouraged
(money + being a college student can do that to you)
and a few tears came out of my eyes,
but then i decided to open my scriptures
and they opened to alma 32, just like they always do.

so i'll just keep nourishing that seed.

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laura... said...

you've got it, you lovely thing.