a weekend in beijing

a few days ago i watched the sunrise over china
from the middle bunk of a sleeper train to beijing.
the sun rose red, like a sunset in reverse.
maybe that's the pollution--but at least it's beautiful.
it rose over countless apartment buildings, factories, and green green fields, 
just like it rises over mount timpanogos.
i thought about the mother and daughter beneath me. 
last night they had conversed with jesse and i for hours without either of us understanding the other's language.
the tiny three year old girl taught me how to say frog,
and i folded her one out of a gum wrapper.
the mother taught me how to count to ten.
language is a big barrier here but not so much when you both have open hearts.
i ate a fig for the first time, 
out of a shoebox, offered to me by this chinese mother,
and i thought about love and how universal it is.
i thought about how god loves them equally as he loves me,
and is still very present in their lives, even if they don't know it.

china is beautiful.