red and orange and blue

i wish that i could show you or make you feel
the things i see and the way i feel them.
one of the happiest days of my life consisted of 24 first graders and one parachute,
a yard sale in china that felt exactly like a pumpkin festival in the united states,
cupcakes i made that sold for 5 kuai each,
down by the banks of the hanky panky,
and a thousand blown kisses from this little boy.
i know it's bad to have favorite students, but he is unquestionably mine. 
something about his light reminds me of my little brother's.
china feels like home now, because it is.
this is my city.

fun fact for you, to put weihai in perspective:
if it was in the states, it would be the third largest city, behind new york and la. 
we are in china, however, where it doesn't even make it on the map.

well, i'm off to go fishing at the beach with a second grade teacher and her family. wish me luck!

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