the one with the ocarina & my body weight in skewered dishes

this weekend was a winner.
not only did we get to view the school assembly, which was a big ocarina concert (yeah shelb you'd love it),
bethany and i got to hang out with one of our cutest students, teddy, and his friends and family.
we got to go to teddy's grandma's apple farm where we were each given a bag of 30 apples by grandma, 
who was sorting apples on the ground with a red hat sideways on her head.
other highlights were the fact that teddy, a seven year old, has his own pocketful of tiny fireworks and lighters. we lit those off.
i also ate my body weight in chinese food for lunch and dinner with them, as well as a big barbeque the next day at another family's house.
huge, head-on shrimp? check.
oysters and a whole fish? check.
an array of unknown meats on skewers? check.
dumplings half the size of my head, italian meat flavored potato chips, persimmons, and for REAL chinese orange chicken (it exists!)? check check check check.
also, they had cheesecake. cheesecake!!
after we left the restaurant we saw a dalmatian wiener dog. 
and i found a chicken foot in my lunch today at the cafeteria.
china can be weird.
love it.

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